Wolf Brand Scooters


Wolf  is an American owned and operated scooter company, dominating the  affordable top-quality scooter market. Over the last decade, Wolf has  become a huge hit and household name in college and beach towns across  the nation. Sold only at the best-of-the-best scooter shops, ensuring  you have the ultimate scooter purchasing experience followed up with  excellent customer service and support.  


Maybe  you like the idea of leaving a smaller foot print, or spending $5 a  week on gas instead of $40? Or being able to zip down to the grocery  store, grab a coffee, or cruise on over to a friend’s house for game  night. Whatever the reason, there never is a wrong one for owning and  enjoying a scooter.

COLLEGE TOWN – #1 Favorite! 

If  you’re going to college at Central Florida’s UF, or maybe at MI’s  Michigan State University, or perhaps the University of Iowa, you’re  sure to see a Wolf Brand Scooter everywhere you go! A favorite amongst  America’s College students across the nation.Of course due to awesome  looking scooters built with the absolute best quality components, in  super fun colors to choose from, and all with a tiny affordable price  tag. You just can’t go wrong with a Wolf!  

Beach Town MUST! 

Head  down to Key West, or up to Panama City-Florida, and you’re sure to see a  very happy tourist (probably very tan and smelling of coconut) cruising  down the street on a Wolf, happy as a clam. With a scooter as cute as  the Islander, or maybe a classic-retro Jet, going to the beach just got a  whole lot more fun!

Wolf Scooters are for EVERYONE! 

Are these items on your list?

  • Quality
  • Affordability
  • Only dollars in gas a week
  • Easy parking
  • Fun, Fast, and Cool

Then YES a Wolf is for you!   

Lance Scooters 

 Passion to Redefine

Lance and it’s Passion to Redefine starts with superior quality, unmatched performance, and extraordinary value. Lance redefines quality by setting higher standards from upgrade components to quality control procedures. Lance redefines performance through innovative research and creative designs. Lance redefines value by offering superior product and world class service at affordable pricing. Lance passion is bold, powerful and courageous. It’s  character thrives with every detail on the scooter, which translates to a  riding experience that reawakens your love of riding the open road. In the future, Lance will continue to develop new and  exciting products and services so we may enhance our customer's joy of  ownership and riding experiences. 

SSR Motorsports

     SSR MOTORSPORTS    SSR Motorsports is all about    providing powersports products that are not only fun to ride, but offer    cutting edge design and superior engineering. We make every effort to    provide tremendous value without sacrificing quality in every product we    sell. We believe every enthusiast should be able to afford a brand new    powersport product and have the peace of mind knowing that it is backed by a    manufacturer warranty, comprehensive dealer network, and a west coast    distribution center stocked with readily available replacement parts. Should    you have any questions, our knowledgeable and experienced staff is on hand    to provide you with the customer service and technical support you need.

  SSR Motorsports was established in 2002 to import and distribute powersports    products. We began by focusing on small off-road motorcycles known as pit    bikes, and as the business grew, ATV's and UTV's were added to our off-road    selection. Sensing a need for personal vehicles that were stylish, easy to    maneuver, fun to use and economical, SSR expanded into the scooter market in    2006. We now carry an industry leading selection of highly distinctive and    fuel efficient scooters to meet the demands of the market. Our motorcycle    selection is now comprised of a range of pit bikes from 50cc up to 170cc,           dirt bikes from mid size 150cc and 189cc to full size 250cc and 450cc, street           bikes from 125cc to 250cc, and a           dual sport/ enduro motorcycle, sure to suit the needs of every rider from           beginner to expert. With our recent expansion into the highly popular UTV           market, SSR now has your four wheel fun covered as well with a selection of           highly optioned, but value priced Side By Sides. With this wide array of           vehicles, SSR Motorsports has become a leading importer and distributor in           the powersports industry.

  Our stellar reputation has been built on a finely honed foundation of    well-engineered products, affordable prices, exceptional customer service    and comprehensive dealer support.   Moving forward, in 2014 SSR and Q.J./          Keeway penned an agreement to control North American Distribution of the           Benelli product lines starting with the TnT300 and TnT600 sportbikes and           the Caffenero and Zafferano scooters. SSR Motorsports strives to be a    prominent player in the powersports market and these new product offerings    will allow us to continue to expand our reach in the industry.

  Come join the SSR family and start enjoying the world of powersports today! 


 Hammerhead Off-Road® has been  distributing off-road vehicles in the United States since 2003.  Our  mission is to provide quality products with a focus on reliability,  safety and innovation.  The 40,000 sq. ft home office of Hammerhead  Off-Road® is centrally located in Flower Mound, Texas (a  suburb of DFW) where we stock all of our parts inventory and diverse  product lines. By directing our attention and efforts around the Powersports  industry’s largest concerns: quality control, parts availability and  customer service, Hammerhead Off-Road® has rapidly become a  market pioneer and leader, not to mention, an international brand name.   Product integrity, technical innovation, environmental consideration  and customer feedback inspire us to further improve upon our success. As Hammerhead Off-Road® pushes forward into the future our  goals will be preserved and our relentless commitment to our dealers  will be upheld.  We will continue to manufacture unique and dependable  products for our valued customers and remain loyal to our dealers who  have become an indispensable part of our family. 


 About SYM

Company Profile

          Sanyang Motor Co., Ltd. founded in 1954, is the sole  international enterprise in Taiwan that manufactures both motorcycles  and automobiles. In 1962, SYM formed a joint venture with Honda to begin  local assembly of motorcycles, the first motorcycle manufacturer in  Taiwan. In 1969, the joint venture with Honda expanded to Honda cars  assembly, included world famous cars such as Honda Civic and Accord.

          For more than half a century, Sanyang has established  extensive marketing channels, strong alliances with world-leading  institutions, as well as a reservoir of loyal customers and managing  talents and has underpinned her growth on these foundations. In the era  where hyper competition is a norm, the Company blueprints her expansion  with innovation, excellence and commitment to dedicate to the society,  as well as through rooting deep in Taiwan and utilizing global division  of labor at the same time. On the execution level, Sanyang applies the  most advanced R&D skills on motorcycle design and production,  manufactures products that exceed customers’ expectations, expands  overseas markets and lays out a structure of “taking orders in Taiwan,  manufacturing multi-nationally and distributing throughout the world” to  enable SYM, the Sanyang brand, to obtain universal renown. Coupling the  ability of making sophisticated and high quality engines with the  strength in integrating design and development of motorcycles, Sanyang  also engages in other motor-related and diversified products  manufacturing.  Today, the annual sales revenue of the company exceeds 1  Billion US dollars and it produces more than 1,000,000 units of  motorcycles and 35,000 automobiles per year.

          In the automobile business, Sanyang allies with Hyundai and  successfully makes it a household auto brand in Taiwan. Strengthening  Hyundai’s brand, selling Hyundai products through Sanyang’s marketing  channels and providing Hyundai worldwide with great quality components  and parts have made Sanyang an important partner to Hyundai in its  global strategy.“To be an enterprise needed by the society” is the motif  on which Sanyang was founded. The Company actively initiates and  participates in community and social activities of culture, education,  environmental protection and other philanthropies as a mean to make  every society Sanyang presents a better place.

          In the future, SYM, as a global company, will proactively  expand overseas motorcycle markets and develop a rich and complete  global network of R&D, production, marketing and service system in  order to become one of the most renowned motorcycle brands worldwide.  


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