Troubleshooting off road vehicles


Did you just buy a brand new unit and it will not start?

To start your bike:

1. Turn the key to the on position.

2. Hold the brake (or step on the brake) and push your start button. DO NOT HOLD START

BUTTON for more than 3-5 seconds at a time, this can cause you to drain your battery and/or

kill your starter.

Not turning over? Make sure:

1. Make sure your kill switch is in the on position.

If the switch is on the X, your bike will not start.

Did you choke your bike? To do so:

1. locate the carb

Go Karts- Choke will be located between seats or on dash, pull out.

2. There should be a gold or black lever, up = on, down = off.

3. Put the lever up, start your bike following the above steps.

4. Let your unit run for a about a minute

5. turn choke off (lever down) and enjoy your ride!

Still not starting? Check you battery:

1. Remove the battery and take to any auto store, they will be able to charge and/or test your

battery to make sure that it can hold a charge. Multiple failed attempts at starting your bike can

cause you to lose power or kill your battery.

No power?

If you have turned your key to the on position and have no power at all, check your fuse.

1. Locate the battery on your unit

2. On the positive wire to your battery is your fuse holder, with a spare.

3. Pop out the current fuse and replace with spare.

If you cannot locate the fuse, see owners manual

Brand new unit, sitting for more than 30 days. If your unit has been stored for any amount of time

you will need to check/replace the following:

1. Battery. Was you battery on a trickle charge/tender?

No? Replace battery.

2. Fuel. Did you drain your gas at time of storage?

No? Drain gas and refill will new/good gas.

3. Carb. Did you run the fuel out of your carb before storing?

No? Remove & replace carb

4. Spark Plug, air filter, tires. It's always good to check over maintenance items after any amount

of storing.

Shop Rates:


This is paid at time of drop off, no exceptions. The $55 goes towards any repairs done on bike.

HOUR $85



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